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Normandy Park Mid-Century Home $1!

Blog by Kristen Meyer | March 10th, 2010

One chilly Sunday in January, I bundled up my husband and 2 year old daughter.  We waited for low tide and snuck through the off limits Cove park, up the beach, and found what we were looking for.  We'd seen it on Google Maps, we'd seen it in Sunset magazine circa 1960, but now we were seeing it in person.  The Paul Thiry designed concrete mid-century palace that had captivated our imaginations was now looming over us.  A relic from the days when you could build so close to the tide that the waves surely kissed your fireplace during particularly stormy days.

We do this, sometimes.  Get obsessed with a house.  Usually creepy ones with more moss than shingles on the roof.  Often mid-century ones, which high ceilings and crazy fireplaces. 

This spectacular house is yours for the taking.  $1 for the house, and upwards of $250,000 to find a barge (and a permit) to remove it.  Times like these I had a waterfront lot somewhere and millions in the bank.  Weird to see Normandy Park on the cover of the Seattle Times this morning...click here to read the article.

Anybody have a barge?