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Seattle Real Estate Market is Hopping

Blog by Kristen Meyer | March 18th, 2010

The other March Madness is upon us.  Sure, I can tell you that pending sales are up.  Sold prices are up.  Interest rates are low.  Blah, blah, blah.

This is more about what it's feeling like in the Realty Trenches right now.  We've been seeing an average of 40 people come through our open houses of late.  Drive down the street and you see "SOLD" signs - even on those houses that have been on the market for what feels like forever.  And, they may be hard houses to sell if they are on a street you're driving down on a regular basis.

Most folks we're talking to are starting to feel some optimism in the economy.  A lot of people are telling me that they were thinking about a bigger house, newer house, view house, better schools back in 2008 when things hit the skids and people battened the hatches and stopped taking risks.  They are now feeling the time is right.

There are also the investors.  I mean "true" investors.  People who tend to hold a long term real estate portfolio and they recognize that there are finally properties worth snagging.  Foreclosures, short sales, and bank-owned properties are there for the picking.  The odds are good, but the goods are odd.

Have you thought about investing in real estate?  Are you facing foreclosure?  Is it time for that swanky kitchen?  We're here to help you with your real estate needs.  Let us know how we can help.