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Credit is King

Blog by Kristen Meyer | August 25th, 2007

Wondering what to make of the recent headlines about the mortgage industry?  Here's the bottom line.  If you are a buyer your credit will dictate what types of mortgages you qualify for and how much you will pay for them.  Now more than ever buyers need to work through a reputable and established lender.  If you need a referral for one, please email me and I can suggest a few.  As always get yourself pre-approved before you shop so you are comfortable with your budget and don't run into surprises once you've fallen in love with that perfect house.

If you are a home seller you may need to be prepared for it to take longer to sell than we are used to in Seattle.  It's also more important to hire an agent who knows how to market properties and develop a long-term strategy.  Patience will net you more money on your sale as long as you are taking the right steps to find a buyer for your home.

Most importantly, relax!  Our economy is healthy and the real estate market remains strong.  Keep an eye on your credit score and remember that equity is your friend.  If you need tips on how to improve your credit score feel free to email me.