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The Ocho!

Blog by Kristen Meyer | January 4th, 2008

Happy New Year!  I know, I know, this blog has been lame.  I'm just now crawling my way out of this pile of diapers and returning to the workforce as a full-time realtor.  It's been a wild few months in the Seattle housing market and I'm looking forward to getting back out there.

This is what I've been up to.  TALLY HO!

In November we experienced a crazy day of intense rain that resulted in lasting floods in Central Washington, closure of I-5 for several days, and A LOT of wet basements here in Seattle.  I spent most of the day building a makeshift levee out of garden bricks to keep the water out of my basement to no avail.  My phone was ringing off the hook with panicked friends and clients who were seeing water in their homes for the first time.  Here are some tips to prevent water leaks in your home:

-Inspect your gutter and drainage system annually.  Make sure they are free of muck and that they drain away from your foundation. 

-Rake leaves out of your storm sewer.  That's the hole in the street that's usually covered in hubcaps and chewing gum (at least in my neighborhood, but I digress).

-If you have a rain barrel connected to a downspout make sure it's not overflowing.  I speak from experience. 

Most importantly, try not to freak out.  Chances of us having a day with that much rain in such a short period of time again are pretty slim.  If you have any stories or suggestions we'd love to hear it!  If you need a contractor referral for waterproofing shoot me an email at kmeyer@kw.com.