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5 Weird Home Projects for Spring

Blog by Kristen Meyer | March 16th, 2008

It's springtime in Seattle!  Wooooooo!  Let's all go to the nursery and buy plants.  Maybe we'll finally invest in a decent patio furniture set.

Not so fast.  Why join the seasonal throngs in their predictable March behavior?  This is the best time to do that stuff you should have done last winter.  Here is a list of winterizing projects that will cost you LESS by doing them now:

-Did you have a drainage problem this winter?  Call a drainage contractor now and schedule your projects early.  You will find more deals by shopping around when the sun in shining.

-Service your furnace.  You know that you're supposed to give that basement bohemoth some love on an annual basis.  A standard servicing on a normal gas furnace will run you about $100 and it will extend the life and efficiency of your heating system. If you need a new system plan ahead.  Things get more expensive when the city turns on their collective heat at the sign of a first October chill.

-Clean your gutters.  One of the main things that causes basements to leak during the rainy months is improper positioning and functionality of your gutters and downspouts. 

-Do some decking damage control.  Clean your wood deck and give it a coat of a weatherizing product.  It will last longer and you'll have a nice place for that new patio furniture.

For more home maintenance tips email me at kmeyer@kw.com.  Happy Spring!