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Don't Be a Gutter Nutter Butter

Blog by Kristen Meyer | November 19th, 2012

Holy smokes, Seattleites!  It's raining!  Oh, and windy and nasty...or, cozy and snuggly.  Sometimes it IS how you look at it.  Regardless of your temperment, the winter weather is upon us.  It's time to do those preventative things that we've all put off until now so that we can do our best to keep the water out of our houses.  Oh, and if you're basement is leaking you're probably in the majority. 

One of the simplest things you can do to prevent water in your house is keep your gutters functioning.  This means clear of debris and most importantly, diverted away from your foundation walls.  I'd recommend attaching a downspout extender to the base of any downspout that drains near your foundation wall.  Yeah, they are ugly, but you only need to keep them on during the really wet months when nobody's looking anyway. 

If you have trees around your house, you may need to clear out your gutters often during these windy spells. 

If you're experience a chronic wet basement after you've taken these precautionary measures, you may be interested in taking it a step further.  Here are some options:

Sump Pump
Interior Perimeter Drain
Exterior Perimeter Drain
Combo of any of these methods

If you need names of reputable and recommended drainage contractors feel free to call or email.  kmeyer@kw.com or 206-353-7625. 

Stay safe, dry and warm this Thanksgiving.