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Project Girl Crush | Crushing on Kristen Meyer

Blog by Kristen Meyer | December 10th, 2015

We are proud to share that Project Girl Crush has lovingly recognized our own fearless leader and hero Kristen Meyer as their latest crush.

Visit ProjectGirlCrush.com to read the interview and crush on Kristen all day every day (join the club!). Thank you Jen Utley and Genevieve Pierson for distinguishing Kristen, and the incredible business she has built.

"You know that antiquated portrayal of ‘the woman that has it all’? An impenetrable force, she stands a little taller than the rest. Her nose may or may not be in the air. She’s mysterious, perhaps hardened, as she balances All The Things in five-inch heels. Well, it’s antiquated for a reason. Kristen Meyer is the new face of that woman.  I didn’t know Kristen personally when a friend and employee (at Kristen’s boutique real estate agency, Sweet Living) reached out to suggest her as a PGC feature. “She is a super fresh, honest, hilarious voice in the world of stuffy, bizarre, crucial Seattle real estate, and everyone (and I mean everyone) that meets her loves her,” she described. This was precisely the reaction I had to Kristen. She’s earnestly warm, funny, and put me at an ease I typically find only in conversations with long time friends. She’s almost too easy to talk to. That guard I typically have up when I meet someone new? It vanished as soon as Kristen walked into the room. She is someone who has found the kind comfort in her own skin that she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. She’s unguarded because she is exactly who she wants to be. And that kind of attitude allows me to be more of who I am. And this is exactly how women are supposed to be together – their most unguarded selves." - Jen Utley