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The Nine Year House

Blog by Kristen Meyer | December 9th, 2013

Recent statistics revealed by the National Association of Realtors 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers show that homeowners are staying put in their houses longer than they used to.  On average, homeowners tended to make a move every 6 years.  That average has increased to 9 years according to this study.  The likely reason for this increase can be attributed to what I call "Stuck Sellers" - people who would have made a move in the last 5 years but didn't because:

-Fear of the economy
-Lost property value
-Lack of desirable inventory to move up to
-Lack of transitional financing options

As we've seen the Seattle Real Estate market regain it's momentum in 2013, I'm definitely talking to a lot of people who have been waiting for the right time to move.  If you've been dreaming of your next pad, maybe that West Seattle view home or low-maintenance modern townhouse in Ballard, 2014 may be the year to get into that home.  Sometimes it's easier and more attainable than you think.  Everyone's circumstances are different, so if you're interested in kicking the tires on your next home please call to talk about your options.  Low interest rates and lots of buyer demand could make this the year to take the leap.  - Kristen Meyer 206-353-7625