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We loved working with Kristen and her team! We were blown away with their expertise of the market, professionalism and work ethic. Kristen is the hardest working person we have ever met. We told her we wanted to sell on a Sunday and by Friday she had our house cleaned, contractor work scheduled and done, yard work scheduled and completed, house staged, windows and gutters cleaned, pre-inspection completed, beautiful photos taken and our house listed. She and her team did all of this while we still had a tenant renting out house. They compassionately handled all communications with our tenant and made sure her needs were met during the listing of the house. This was done so seamlessly that our tenant was also singing Kristen's praises. Kristen and her team kept us up to date every step of the way. We felt completely informed but assured everything was well taken care of in the sale of our house. It was a stress-free process for us because of Kristen's competence, integrity and wonderful personality. When we first decided to sell our house we were really unsure about hiring a real estate agent but in the end we were so impressed with Kristen and her team. Now we are recommending her to everyone who even hints they may be wanting to buy or sell a home.

- Anna + Tyler
Seward Park

"When I came to Kristen and Jacquelyn for help in 2013, I was in crisis mode. Four years earlier Kristen had helped my wife and me buy our first home, an awesome little three-bedroom ranch in West Seattle. But now we were divorcing, and not only did we have to sell, but I also had to find a new place to live. Like the true professionals they are, Kristen and Jacquelyn got to work finding me a new house, convincing the sellers to accept a contingency offer before my house was on the market, putting my house on the market and selling it in a week (for full list price!), and then finding me a lender who funded my loan in nine days after the first one fell through. But the best part was that as I was grieving the loss of my marriage and the home my son was born in, they held my hand (sometimes literally) through the process and made sure that the process of buying and selling houses was the least-stressful part of an otherwise nightmarish year."

- Matt Halverson
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“We weren’t expecting our home to sell as quickly as it did but, thank goodness, Kristen and her team were prepared in every way. They had us out of our old home and into our new one quickly and seamlessly. We’ve worked with Kristen on three transactions now and wouldn’t hesitate to call upon Sweet Living in the future.”

- Marc + Nicole
Downtown Seattle

"No I'm not giving Kristen a five star score because she sold our residence above our asking price.

I picked up from our first meeting where she introduced herself that this gal was focused on her craft. I have a small business of 10 employees and know from experience that if one does not live and breath the business 24/7 the chances of success are greatly reduced.
One key point that I want to emphasis which sealed my bid on Kristen's professionalism was when we were around our dinner table----my wife, Kristen and the buyers agent, the four of us chit-chating about the weather, kids and general stuff and when it came time to address the offer made by the couple to buy our house------Kristen literally changed her composer and got down to business and focused on the offer.
She discovered some loose points in verbiage (catching the other agent off guard) which could have created a real problem for us the sellers if not addressed at the time. The Items were revised and the selling of the house sailed through the process at lightning speed.
That's why Kristen gets the five star rating. She caught and addressed all problems from the start (preparing the house for sale) to finish (paperwork signing).


- Bruce
Des Moines

"I had the pleasure of working with Sweet Living Realty, including Jacquelyn, Kristen, and Michelle.  It was a very complex and spontaneous multi level transaction that required all hands on deck to accomplish.  Bottom line, I happened upon my dream house (I wasn't even seriously looking), and decided that I wanted it.  I did not think it was going to happen as I had a perfectly wonderful house and would need to sell that to buy the other.  The team assured me that we could do it,  and I believed them.  We put a contingent offer in that was accepted and gave us 2 WEEKS to get a legitimate, solid offer on my current house.  Whirlwind 2 days later, the house was ready, staged, and open for business.  The first open house weekend brought in the buyers and we had an offer in 7 business days.  We had to juggle house inspections on both sides, fixes on both sides, financing nightmares and requirements, and through everything they were with me, assuring me, making things happen, and executing greatness.  I am not used to giving over control, but I did in this case and it was the best thing I ever did.  The right people live in my former house, and I now live in my dream house.  I would NEVER go with any other Realtor - ever,  The care, the knowledge, the follow through and extra miles they went to make this happen made the difference, and changed my life in many ways.
I wholeheartedly thank them, and recommend them to anyone as the consummate professionals that truly go the extra mile."

- Maribeth
West Seattle

"Kristen Meyer and her team were amazing!

They managed the sprucing-up of my house to get it extra-ready for listing by providing vetted suggestions for contractors to do the work and overseeing the entire process (for example, we installed a new gas heater). Once the house was ready, they weren't done - they were just getting started. They staged the house with furniture perfectly. And then they took fantastic photos. And then they listed the house in the MLS (along with the photos of course), and then they updated the Zillow listing and ... listed the house on their own website. Fantastic! My house sold in less than a week to multiple offers, and above the asking price that we chose together (despite other realtors' beliefs that it was listed too high).

I was selling the house remotely, so I'm incredibly appreciative that Kristen and her team were excellent communicators using all manner of options: phone, email, text messages, voice messages, ultra-convenient online document signing, all the while sharing pictures of the progress. I almost wish I had another house to sell!

I've sold a couple houses so believe me: if you're looking for a realtor to help you sell your Seattle house, stop looking. Hire Kristen Meyer!"

- Ken
West Seattle

"From the very start, it was obvious that Kristen knew what she was doing. Before providing any figures for selling our home, we met with her and began gathering information about the neighborhood, current inventory, recent comps, etc. Soon after we met again and found that she had done the research and had recommendations regarding price and expectations. In preparation for selling, she took the lead in advising us on what we should update and/or fix to get the most from the sale. She even had contractors ready to get started quickly. Our house sold in one week, above asking price. We couldn't be happier. Highly recommended."

- Lee L.
Seattle Central District

"I found a jewel! Kristen Meyer is a truly spectacular agent who helped me make the most of my opportunity and always with solid integrity and a smile. Her brilliant skills and personality made everything seem easy. She consistently laid out all the options, took care of everything for me even when there were complications, and kept me well-informed at each and every step. I whole-heartedly recommend her agency and I'm excited to work with her again with my next property."

- Sachi

"Kristen Meyer and her team made our first home buying experience easy to understand and about as painless as the home purchasing process allows. She is an expert negotiator and was able to get our price on a home that had been priced too high on the market for many months. I will certainly be recommending them to our friends in the future."

- Scot + Michelle
West Seattle

"Buying your first house is terrifying. Yes, it is a huge step, and the amount of jargon and paperwork is sometimes seemingly insurmountable. So when we started looking for our first home we were incredibly excited, but also ridiculously scared to say the least. That is, until we met Kristen Meyer. Kristen made the entire process of searching for a first home absolutely, totally, and completely fun. You heard us right, we had FUN! Her knowledge of the market is absolutely staggering, but it's her enthusiasm and her thorough explanations of things that made our experience exciting, adventurous and yeah, FUN! It's great to speak to people now after we have bought our first house and have them say "oh goodness, what a stressful, crazy experience that must have been for you!" and for us to reply "you obviously haven't met Kristen, have you."

- Michael + Amiee
West Seattle

"Kristen Meyer is absolutely the best agent in Seattle. She is all the good things you need in a real estate agent: extremely intelligent, quick, responsive and (kindly) aggressive. She also has the best qualities in a person: warm, kind, generous, fun. Kristen anticipated our every
need. She is extremely well-versed in real estate and impressed me with her deep knowledge of the field.

When we finally found our dream condo (in Queen Anne), we could ask a question or even just wonder something out loud and a minute later we would have an answer ! She is superquick with the smartphone email, text and phone call. She has every contact at her fingertips and always knew where to find information. She is well-connected in Seattle and has many resources at the ready. Plus, she is just so sweet- a pleasure to be around, which is important when you have to work with someone on such an intense level.

We just can't recommend her enough!"

- Mark + Julie
Queen Anne

Scotty provided so much help and reassurance along the very long path of purchasing our first home.  Our house had some foundation work that was required to be finished prior to lending/purchasing which led to a complex contract.  Not only was he always available (e.g. frantic late night texting   about the wording on our contract), he was willing to meet us to discuss anything in person.  That personal touch helped reassure us that everything was proceeding through the purchase of the house.  Negotiating all of the complexities associated with our final closing was also masterfully done by Scotty.  Since he was a newer agent, he was always willing to reach out to additional seasoned agents to ensure we were headed down the correct path.  Every time we were presented with an issue, Scotty always came to the table prepared with multiple options, the impact of each on the final contract outcome, and his recommendations, always with our best interest in mind.  I can't stress how great Scotty was in minimizing a stressful situation of our first home purchase as well as working with our crazy schedule.   I would absolutely use Scotty again in buying or selling a home.

- John
Des Moines

We started our search as first-time home buyers with another agent and were not happy with the engagement we received. Scotty was recommended by a friend and after our first meeting with him we knew we had found the right person to guide us through. Always responsive, professional and helpful, he made our 7-month slog through the Seattle market feel easy. He had great advice when we needed it and is very knowledgeable about the market and home-buying process. We really appreciated his easy-going yet detail-oriented approach and feel he really understood what were looking for. In the end we found a great house and a new friend! I would recommend Scotty's services to anyone looking to buy a home!

- Ryan + Anna
West Seattle

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